My wife and I settled in Lebanon because we love the character and the community. I am running for council to ensure balanced, positive community growth. I believe my unique perspective, strong technical background and proven leadership abilities will help the city execute plans and services with excellence.

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  • Balanced Economic Development
    • How do we grow but still keep our small town feel?
    • Balanced development does not mean just incentivizing large companies, organizations and developers. We must include growth of new, truly small businesses. Family owned and operated places that give us community and unique shops that give us character.
    • That is why I was a vocal advocate for the new small business grant that will diversify and maximize our investment impact while maintaining our Lebanon character.
    • It’s not about spending more, it’s about spending differently.
  • Community Infrastructure and Enrichment​
    • Roads are essential in any city; after decades of insufficient maintenance they became a serious problem in Lebanon.
    • Today we are seeing good progress, but there is still a funding short fall. We must prioritize and fully fund our maintenance programs to avoid costly repairs and past mistakes.
    • Lebanon’s public spaces and resources are a reflection of our vibrant community, and we need to enrich existing parks and trails; increase public awareness and find new options for families.
    • I will continue to support civic nonprofits that drive humanitarian efforts, beautification programs and the characteristic Lebanon events.
  • Community Services
    • We must continue to support our core public safety services.
    • I am a supporter of the school levy, and I was a supporter of the fire levy.
    • It was not a choice to just spend, but I did my due diligence on the problem hearing from city staff, the fire chief and seeing the state of the building.
    • Working with the Citizens for a Safer Lebanon, we took important steps in properly funding the Fire Dept.
    • I do the due diligence and then I do the work.
  • It’s not just about spending
    • Running a city is about identifying what’s critical, what best for the short, mid and long term.
    • Running a city is about finding the right funding sources.  We need to be creative to fund the programs we need and deserve.
    • I will use my skill and experience to research all the options and find those creative solutions when possible.
  • Empower the Community
    • Local government is a tool to provide foundational resources and support to empower the residents and build a vibrant community. Use that tool and come out to VOTE ON NOV. 5th
    • As a citizen, I attend city meetings and engage council and staff regularly.
    • As a council member, I will prioritize face to face time with you and to keep you in the loop.

Together we can maintain balanced positive growth in Lebanon while keeping that small town character!

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Ryan Tasseff

Small Business Owner

Senior Scientist, Procter & Gamble 

A new perspective for Lebanon City Council 

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